Basel, the beautiful city on the border of three countries

As on the tour of Basel the most important point that you will learn over there about the city is its location at the meeting point of three countries comprising Switzerland, France and Germany. The city there is located at the crossroads of European culture. And there should hardly be any surprise as to learn about the city entirely has a cosmopolitan flair as different to any other city in Switzerland. Its unique location has made the city as too rich in art and commerce. It is entirely a very famous annual event that occurs in Base has made to be an extraordinary event in the city. However, before visiting the city of Basel it is must to have a booking at one of the budget Basel Hotels.

The another interesting feature that keeps it apart from other unique location is its situation along the Rhine River,  and even on the Rhine river the most interesting and the attractive point is its Rhine Promenade that there gives an excellent strolling point even for couples in the evening. Even at the day time it provides an ideal and central location that present and preserves it to be a favorite walling path equally for tourists and native alike. It is one of the busiest jogging paths in the city. More you can call the local ferry man as to carry you across the river. The photogenic ferries there carrying and transporting the visitors for about 150 years.

Another interesting and novice asset to Basel is its live cultural and business activity that too is centrally located. The center of the city is Switzerland’s leading trade fair and conference center as it hosts a good variety of activities and events out there. The most important and the popular cultural activity in the Basel includes as Art Basel and Baselworld. Baselworld is one of the most recognized and noted jewelry and watch fair in the world. The feather to the cultural life in Basel is much rich offering of museums. There are about 40 museums that spread across the city of Basel. Some of the most important museums there include as the Kunstmuseum Basel (Museum of Fine Art), the Tinguely Museum (devoted to the sculpture of Swiss artist Jean Tinguely), the Foundation Beyeler, and the Museum der Kulturen (Anthropology Museum). The Museum of Fine Art is class of its own and has the oldest collection of public art in Europe. There as according to the marvelous locations the Basel provides and makes an extraordinary setting for dinning. As the city has the influences form the French and German cuisine it provides every meal on the platter.

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